In my opinion Brandon is one of the top trainers in the industry.  I have seen him take numerous below average horses and turn them into winners.  He has as much natural talent as anybody and won’t rest until he makes the most of it.  You never have to worry or question whether Brandon is riding your horse and giving his best effort to make it the best reining horse it can be.  Reining isn’t only about winning, but also having fun and Brandon manages to never lose sight of this.  In addition to being a great trainer I also consider Brandon a good friend and someone I can trust.  There are a lot of choices when it comes to finding a trainer and Brandon should be at the top of your list.  If you want to have fun and win look no further.

Rob Rosenfeld

I had just about given up on Reining and the industry, when a friend of mine told me to try Brandon Brant. I met with Brandon, explained my wants and needs, he found me a horse, we set goals and the rest is history.Not only did Brandon bring back the love of the sport for me, he helped me achieve a “Bucket List” goal. A medal at Quarter Horse Congress. Brandon’s drive and enthusiasm make you feel that everything is possible. He thrives on improving horses in the sport. The Brant barn is well maintained, clean and organized. Cathy his wife is always prepared for questions, show schedules and great moral support at the “gate”. She is a driving force in this operation as well as a great showman herself. They also have an added perk, an assistant trainer. Jesse is a quiet young man, but dont let that fool you. His riding and showing ability are outstanding! The BAB team is wonderful to be apart of and I hope there are many years to come.

Lori Baker

Brandon and Brant Performance Horses helped me find the right horse to get me back in the saddle and riding again.  While I’ve ridden most of my life, this was my first time to embrace Reining and this past year (2013) was my first year of showing Reining and Wilson and I have had a great time. Brandon, Cathy and Jesse work hard to make each show successful IN AND OUT of the show pen. All of Brant Performance Horses clients are friendly, cheer each other on and are always ready to lend a hand if you need one. If you are looking to buy a horse or want a trainer to “tune your horse up” or you need a coach for lessons and showing, I’d absolutely say “check out Brant Performance Horses”.  I’m really excited about the 2014 show season and am looking forward to spending time with the Brant Crew.

Kat Kubicki and Wilson

Brandon and Cathy, along with the entire BAB team have been amazing to work with. We appreciate their honesty, integrity and hard work ethic to make our dreams a reality!

Mike and Caity Lewiski

I came across a video that we made approximately 4 years ago. I was riding just a plain horse with little talent and Brandon was in the outdoor helping me ride.  He was totally focused on me and the horse and gave me so much good instruction – I had really forgotten what a great teacher Brandon was!  He walked me through every step of the reining pattern!  Even though I will never be a “big time” rider, Brandon has always helped me just the same and I love him for that!  The other exceptional talent that you both have is matching riders with horses, thus I have Mia Margarita and that was a perfect match!  She is the best horse I have ever had and she is now in her “much deserved” retired paddock – this is because you both had the foresight to match us – thank you!

Sandi Finlinson

I appreciate Brandon’s straight forward approach. He tells you, shows you and encourages the learning process. I am not only a better rider, but more importantly a better trainer for my horse because of his guidance. Every time I leave a lesson I feel empowered to go home and practice & build on what I learned. His sense of humor also makes the riding time fun!

Anna Russell

Our daughter Sydney got her first reiner when she was 11 years old. Her name is Ci-Ci and they have the most unbelievable connection in and out of the show pen.  Sydney was training in Grove City with Terry Murphy  and was devastated when she heard the news that he was moving to Texas to pursue other opportunities. It was Terry that we can thank for introducing us to Brandon. Not knowing how Sydney would connect with Brandon was our biggest concern.  Well, we are now approaching our third year of training with him and words can not express the joy and the confidence he has given our daughter.  She has gone from the shy,” scared to death to go into the show pen” girl to the” lets bring it on” girl!   Sydney loves to work with Brandon and appreciates when he is stern with her so he can make her a better rider, but, in the blink of an eye, can also say or do something hilarious to make her laugh!   Her most memorable moment with Brandon was when he was there to coach her at the 2013 Quarter Horse Congress and share in the excitment of her Championship in the 13 and under class!  She came out crying and had and give Brandon a huge high five!  Their connection is just as strong as the connection that Syd and her mare possess and for that we owe a huge THANK YOU to Brandon.  We are looking forward to another exciting year!

Brad and Diane Edwards

We have had a few horses with Brandon and have been very pleased.  He worked with each one as an individual and didn’t expect them to “fit” a certain program.  He was honest in his assessment of our horses and did a great job of making the most of their strengths while vastly improving their weaker aspects.   A horse trained by the Brant team has a solid foundation.  Brandon doesn’t cut corners to get a faster, but less reliable result.  In addition, his positive attitude is refreshing.  Both Brandon and Cathy are truly interested in ensuring that you are a satisfied customer.

Nick & Kathy Gentile

Honesty, character, and an excellent trainer. That’s why we chose Brandon to train our horse. If you want it all Brandon should be your trainer.

Angelo and Suzette Bizzarro

When I started out riding horses, I was one of the most shy and quietest people you could have met. For the first couple years of riding I was afraid to go faster than a slow lope on my little english pony. Now I look back at my fear, laugh, and then question if I was crazy when I told my parents that, “I wanna go fast!” For my first two years of reining, I worked with a man named Terry Murphy. For my first reining trainer, he was probably the best to teach me the basics of the sport. Before I could work with him for a third year, he moved to Texas to pursue other things. But not before he introduced me to Brandon Brant. I’ll admit that the first time I rode with Brandon I was a little nervous of embarassing myself in front of him, because I tend to embarass myself a lot. But within the first five minutes of my lesson, the nerves were gone and I was laughing and joking around with him. Brandon has a way of making you laugh while still getting work done. I like the fact that my trainer is able to make showing and lessons fun, while still being serious enough to get what needs to be done, done. I’ve been working with Brandon for three years now and it has been, undoubtfully one of the greatest experiences of my life. Since I began working with Brandon, I have accomplished many of my goals with my horse. He’s helped me win my AQHA youth 13u class at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. I remember coming out of the pen, crying I was so happy, and giving him a hug. Working with Brandon has also helped me boost my confidence in and out of the show pen. He’s taught me a lot about hard work and sportsmanship in the process of it all. Overall riding with Brandon has been a blast, and I can’t wait to continue the ride.

Sydney Edwards

When I originally approached Brandon – I needed help selling my Green Rider horse. Brandon knew the horse because he had the opportunity to show him earlier in his career. Brandon understood that I wanted the horse to go to a great home and that was more important than trying to hang on for the “right amount of money”. I trusted Brandon through the entire transaction. I told Brandon when I was ready for a Rookie horse, I would call him and discuss a game plan for my goals. I was able to work with Brandon some last summer and it was so much fun. He taught me so much about how to be a show man and how to finesse certain situations in the pen.  Brandon is a true coach – he is not afraid to let you make a mistake. He will coach you through the correct approach and can describe the feel. Being able to feel the horse under your seat is crucial to becoming a better rider and show man which is why I look forward to every lesson and ride. Brandon also listened to my goals and dreams and we have set a plan to make those happen. I finally feel like I have a “coach” not a trainer or an instructor. A true coach that knows my strengths and weaknesses and will prepare me (as an individual) and my horse for the pen as a team.

Sarah Garner

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